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About Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition is an art as well as a science. We need to be creative in our use of food to enhance our health and I can provide this for you in a consultation, as well as explaining the science behind the nutritional programme.I have a passion for health and wellbeing through both nutritional advice and promotion of a healthy lifestyle through exercise and movement.  To promote good health, it is important to look at all aspects of our lifestyle and how this impacts on our wellbeing. 

We are all individuals and therefore no one diet fits all. As well as having different life experiences that have an impact on where we are now with our health, we are all genetically individual. I can help you to find the best diet that suits you as an individual and in a way that fits in with your our own food preferences and lifestyle. We are all busy and need simple suggestions to alter how and when we eat to make the biggest impact on our health. 

Health Coach Sheffield


An initial consultation will involve filling in a questionnaire about your potential health issues and will include a three-day food diary. This is usually sent to me a few days before we meet so that I can be preparing to make the best suggestions to fit in with your current lifestyle and diet. Advice will include additions and/or changes to your food diary with supplements if needed. General health coaching will also be given and may include exercise suggestions, stress reduction and small changes to your daily routine that can make a big impact on your health.


I can make skype or facetime calls if this is more convenient. Follow-ups are worthwhile to ensure that you are making the most of suggestions given and because nutritional changes can take time to understand and to be a ‘new normal’ part of your routine.


Nutrition and lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on our health and I look forward to working with you and being a part of this process.

Call me now for an initial chat and we can arrange a time to meet.  01709 331032

I provide Nutritional Consultations from my base in Sheffield, a clinic in Rotherham and can arrange home visits if needed.


I am a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist (GIL-1002820), this provides standards and a legal framework for qualified Nutritionists and Nutritional Therapists to work within. I am also a member of the CNHC, which regulates all Complementary Therapies. I am a graduate from the renowned Institute for

Optimum Nutrition (ION).

Happy to Skype or FaceTime

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