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Physiotherapy and Movement

In addition to offering nutrition consultations, I am excited to introduce a comprehensive package that goes beyond dietary considerations. This new dimension involves an assessment of your child's motor abilities, a crucial aspect that significantly influences overall well-being and development. This service is flexible, allowing for either remote assessments or in-person evaluations, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all parents.


The assessment process starts off with a detailed questionnaire designed to gain profound insights into your child's current motor or movement level. By delving into the intricacies of their physical capabilities, we can form a nuanced understanding of their unique needs and challenges. This comprehensive approach not only considers the surface-level aspects of motor control but also delves into subtleties that may impact your child's overall movement maturity.


Once I have a holistic understanding of your child's motor abilities, a personalised plan is crafted to enhance their movement skills. This plan incorporates targeted exercises designed to promote movement maturity and overall physical capabilities. These exercises are not just about enhancing gross motor skills; they are tailored to address specific areas of development, fostering a well-rounded approach to motor control improvement.


Moreover, the approach extends beyond the physical realm. We recognize the interconnectedness of the nervous system with motor control and include exercises aimed at calming the nervous system. Creating a balance in the nervous system not only aids in enhancing motor skills but also contributes to improved attention and focus in children.


Additionally, the programme places a strong emphasis on the integration of reflexes. Reflex integration is a pivotal component of motor development, and exercises are designed to promote seamless incorporation of reflexes into daily movements. This integration not only enhances motor control but also contributes to cognitive and sensory development in children.


By combining nutrition consultations with this specialised motor control assessment and intervention, I aim to provide a comprehensive and integrative approach to your child's well-being. This multifaceted strategy addresses not only dietary considerations but also recognises the importance of fostering robust motor control and attention, laying the foundation for a healthy and thriving future for your child.


Assessment of movement control

Analyse posture

Provide plans to improve control of movement and core stability

Rhythmic movements ideas 

Integration of reflexes

Further ideas for providing calm and peace

Movement assessment

60 minute assessment with movement plans to get you started £100

Review of plans and update

Follow-up with further ideas 

45 mins £80

Follow-up sessions 

Further sessions to consolidate 30 mins £50

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