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About Me.

Hi, I’m Samantha Giles.
I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Chartered Children's Physiotherapist with over 25 years experience in the NHS.

          "Every family should have the 

          knowledge for a healthier future"


I really want to help you and your family understand how changing what you eat greatly affects your focus, improves brain fog, makes you feel comfortable in your skin and often resolves digestive issues. 

This is what my family and I have experienced by altering our diet and habits to suit our personal needs.​

In my twenties, I faced my own health challenges, including the painful and debilitating condition of endometriosis as well as reduced energy levels and poor skin.





Changing my diet helped me to overcome endometriosis, increase energy levels and promote glowing skin.


I want to help you to have the same results. I really want to share this knowledge with as many families as I can so that you can understand the transformative effect of changing your diet.

      "Together we can find the

        missing pieces in your 


Clients that work with me and follow the plans I ask them to put in place are amazed by the changes. Food really can be our ally in boosting our health and taking us to a place where we’ve always wanted to be; feeling focused, energetic, comfortable in our mind and bodies.


Let me help you to work things out. I can speak to you for an initial free 20 minute call to see if this would work for you. Call me on -

I am a BANT registered Nutritionist 

(GIL-1002820) As a member of the CNHC I'm able to take 1-1 consultations as a nutritional therapy practitioner. 

"My struggle with infertility and 

endometriosis led me to become 

a Nutritional Therapist"

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