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British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine
Complemetary and Natural Healthcare Council
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Have You Tried
Nutrition Coaching ?


Focussing is difficult at school, university or work.

Sleeping is a struggle.

Hard to sit still or not fidget.

Emotions are hard to balance.

+ Combine
Movement Control

Child's Pose

Other areas supported when seeking help.

And are often seen alongside difficulties focusing


Digestive issues



Movement Control


About Me


Hi, I’m Samantha Giles. I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Chartered Children's Physiotherapist with over 25 years experience in the NHS.

I work with people who find focusing difficult, relaxation hard to achieve and energy levels lower than they would like. I can help by providing nutrition plans that get to the root cause of the problem and provide a programme of food combined with movement to provide solutions.

I specialise in promoting healthier eating habits, fostering a sense of joyful movement by providing ways to relax the mind and body and enhance overall well-being. 


Miss M.N

I now no longer suffer with stomach cramps, bloating or flatulence. I am extremely grateful for all the support

Mr R.K

Calm, patient and always prepared to research things in further detail

Mrs G.R

Sam is very professional and knowledgeable ... I would recommend her to anyone wishing to help themselves

Typical Consultation Process

Health Questionnaire

First Consultation

  • Provide valuable insights into your specific needs and goals

  • Discuss personalised nutritional and lifestyle changes

  • Provide tailored meal plans that align with goalsr

  • Movement strategies to promote calm and aid focus

Possible Tests




Second Consultation

  • Refining diet based on findings 

  • Analysing any test results

  • Incorporating supplements into your regimen

  • Discuss routine changes to build health habits

Third Consultation

  • Focus on optimising self management skills

  • Further optimisation of nutrition

  • Exploring other areas for improvement

  • Providing additional resources to aid your journey

  • Create a plan for moving forward

Getting Started



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