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Whilst initially being a little sceptical about the benefits of a 'nutritional review' to maintain and improve my general health and diet, I have been converted! Samantha has not only endorsed what I've been trying to achieve with a healthy, sustainable diet, she has also given me great advice on how to improve it. Calm, patient and always prepared to research things in further detail, I would have no hesitation in recommending her. (Mr R.K, London)

Sam has a vast amount of knowledge in nutrition and also in general health complaints due to her years of experience in health care and generally been an adult / woman / human being ! I was impressed by the amount of time that Sam spent looking into my complaints and thinking of ways that I can improve my health by using diet as a medicine, she is also friendly, easy to talk to and could put most people at ease. (Mrs C.A, Totley, Sheffield)

I cannot thank Samantha enough. I have suffered with stomach problems for years and was in desperate need for help and guidance after surgery. Samantha went through all the foods that would be good for healing my gut, which has also included going Gluten Free and looking at specific medication to help. It seemed tricky at first to go completely GF, but with Samantha's help, I have succeeded and come a long way. I now no longer suffer with stomach cramps, bloating or flatulence. I am extremely grateful for all the support, effort and time Samantha has put into making me better. Lastly I would just like to add that Samantha has not only been fabulous when meeting face to face, but has also been fantastic at keeping in touch via email, throughout my dietary changes. Samantha has always made herself available, to give guidance when I was asking lots of questions over email.
I would most definitely recommend Samantha, to anyone who is suffering with their gut! (Miss M.N, Rotherham)

When I consulted Samatha regarding my dietary needs, I firstly completed a comprehensive food diary for three days before, so she could analyse it prior to our meeting.During this time I learnt a lot more about the various components of nutrition; what to take and when and what went together. She also suggested a supplement which I have been taking which together with the slightly amended diet I have been following, I have found beneficial and experience greater well-being.Also, Sam is very professional and knowledgeable both with her questions and with her explanations. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to help themselves... (Mrs G.R, Totley, Sheffield)

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