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My name is Samantha Giles and I’m a Nutritional Therapist and Chartered Physiotherapist. I have been working in the health sector for many years both in the NHS and privately. 

I decided to study Nutritional Therapy since I always had a passion for food and how this could fundamentally affect health and wellbeing. Nutrition changed my life and enabled me to have healthy children and good health following a time of imbalance in my hormones, leading to endometriosis.I have particular personal experience of infertility. This has a profound influence on your psychological health, which then impacts you physically.Change in diet and lifestyle helped me to balance my hormones and reduced the effects of my endometriosis.


My husband and I went on to have three healthy children with minimal medical intervention. Since having children I have been able to give them a range of healthy foods and a balanced lifestyle, that includes limiting toxins from the environment and encouraging exercise and movement.Fortunately as they’ve become teens and young adults they have made better choices and understand the need to eat well to maintain mental as well as physical health, through the stresses of exams.

A balance in life that includes nutrition tailored to each individual, can optimise health and restore vitality when often we can feel fatigued by modern lifestyles and a fast food culture. People at all life stages can feel revitalised by a change in diet that suits them as individuals. Nutrition can impact us all and I know from personal experience the change in health and vitality experienced when eating the correct foods. We are what we eat!

Bant Sheffield
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